~ Mission ~

dave-ramsey“Without a mission statement, you may get to the top of the ladder and then realize it was leaning against the wrong building!” —Dave Ramsey: American financial author and nationally syndicated radio host

Our Mission

The mission of Earth Oasis Computers is to provide individuals, whether at home or in their small business, with highly competent & caring tech support. Meaning, not only will we strive to deliver superior technical support, but also deliver a customer service experience that leaves you feeling glad we are there to support you.

Virtually every person has or needs a computer in their home and in their small business. The most common thing we hear in our business is “I’m not good when it comes to computers.” This statement we most often hear has two implications.  

  1. Virtually everyone needs tech support on an ongoing basis. This includes everything from purchase, to setup, to use and troubleshooting.spacer
  2. People tend to be intimidated by technology and crave caring support.


Fact: Computer people are known for being challenged when it comes to public relations. We must work hard on our people skills. CARE: Care is defined as having feelings like concern, responsibility or love for someone or something.