~ FAQ ~

How much do you charge?

All of our prices can be found on the support page of our website. Click here to go there.

Do you charge for return visits?

It depends. If we are returning to fix an issue that we didn’t get right on the previous visit, then you should not be charged. The point is that we want to be fair and ethical.

The thing we ask clients to realize is computers and the stuff that goes with them are very complex. We can do our best job with the expertise and thoroughness you deserve and something may happen or go wrong that we can’t anticipate. So the bottom line is that if the return visit is due to something we didn’t get right or should have anticipated on the first visit, then you should not be charged. If the return visit is due to something beyond our control or beyond something we should have anticipated, then you should be charged. That’s fair, right?

Please keep in mind that sometimes this is not obvious and we will need to discuss it with you. If you were charged or billed for something you feel you shouldn’t have been, just call and ask for the boss and we will discuss it. You might be right in which case the charges will be reversed.

Do I need better passwords?

Strong passwords are an essential for anything you need to protect. We have an entire page on this subject in our Knowledge Base. Click here to go there.